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Last Day on Earth: Survival Complete Overview:

If you are a fan of action survival games then you need to get your hands on the amazing game called the Last Day on Earth. The game is quite similar to the gameplay and the plot of PUBG but since PUBG is not compatible with all devices thus developers came up with alternative games and Last Day on Earth is one of them.


Last day on Earth is a third person game is which the player represents one of the few people who is left in the world due to a zombie apocalypse. The aim of the players is to survive the apocalypse and the attacks of the other players.

Build your base

The first thing that the players need to do is build up their camp or base site which is where they would defend themselves and gather food and resources for survival. Each player will have his or her own base and you can visit the base of other players and other locations on the map as well.


The deeper you go into the game the more you will start to find it interesting. The key is survival and only the last man surviving would be the winner so your task it to fight against all the odds and live and fight, until you are the last one standing.

Ultimate goal

So the ultimate goal of the players is to make sure that they build a strong enough base using wood, stones, and other resources to defend themselves from the attacks of others.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Trailer:

How to Install Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK:

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