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Fortnite Battle Royale Complete Overview:

Fortnite battle royal is a free to play survival game developed by Epic Games in addition to the Fortnite: Save the World. Even though Epic Games have developed three different modes for Fortnite but the Battle Royal version was game changing for them as it attracted millions of players within a year of the release.


The game play of the game is quite similar to other survival games. The player along with other 99 players in dropped on a vacated island with no weapons or any other defending material. All the players are dropped in one huge circle which shrinks over time. As soon as the players land on the ground they have to look for resources, weapons, items and even vehicles to attack other players and defend themselves from the attacks of other players.

100 players compete with one another for survival and as the circle shrinks the players are bought closer to one another. So your task in the game is to fight till your last energy and fight until you are the last one standing to win the game.


The game offers different game play modes that you can choose from. You can either play as one against the 99 or you can fight in a duo. To make it more fun and exciting you can also compete in squads with your friends and remain the last standing squad to win the game.


The game is regularly updated and new features are added every now and then which makes it even more fun to play.

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How to Install Fortnite Battle Royale MOD APK:

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